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F. A. Q.'s

1. What is the difference between a nursing home and a retirement home?

A. Retirement Homes (also known as Rest Homes) provide rental units under the landlord tenancies act of 2006, along services for seniors who require minimal to moderate assistance in their activities of daily living. You are free to choose which home suits you best and wait times are based on unit availabilities. Rest homes offer flexible care and living options based on residents care needs and promote as much independence while in a comfortable and safe environment. Long Term Care Homes (also known as Nursing Homes) are governed under the ministry of Long Term Care and are for peoples who require a moderate to severe amount of care. You must be approved by CCAC to be eligible to apply for a LTC bed and choices are based on availability versus preference.

2. Who pays for Rest Homes

A. Rest Homes are not funded by Ministry of Long Term Care, and therefore are private facilities. Subsidized bedding is available for seniors who qualify through the County of Essex.

3. Who regulates Rest Homes?

A. the RHRA (Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority), formed in 2010, is the governing body for all Retirement Homes in the province of Ontario. They can be contacted at any of the following:

160 Eglinton Avenue East, 5th Floor Toronto, ON, M4P 3B5

Telephone: 1-855-ASK-RHRA (275-7472)
Fax: 416-487-1223

4. What personal Items can/can’t I bring in?

A. personal belongings are welcomed from furniture, pictures and personal bedding. All appliances must have automatic shut off as per the Ontario Fire Marshalls Office.

5. what is the policy regarding LOA?

A. Absolutely. Rest Homes give you the freedom to be who you want to be and go where you’d like and how long you’d like so long as the rent has been paid. Staff at New Beginnings will help you organize all medications and treatments and provide any health teaching needed to ensure your LOA is as safe as it is fun. Your will not lose your room while on an LOA for any duration of time.

6. Does New Beginnings Rest Home meet current fire safety regulations?

A. Yes. New Beginnings has automatic fire sprinklers and automatic smoke detectors in all common areas and resident rooms. Our Homes fire safety equipment and staff emergency training are provided by a licensed fire protection company.

7. What if I need more services then New Beginnings can provide during my stay?

A. As your care needs become greater, New beginnings will request a CCAC assessment for publicly funded supports such as, but not limited to; extra support staff, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and if necessary, a Long Term Care Assessment. Publicly funded services are based on eligibility by a community assessor who will come to the home and visit with the resident and family with consent. Private care providers are also available upon request and are subject to a third party fee.

8. How do I pay my rent?

A. Rent is paid on the 1st of each month to the office by cash, money order or cheque. A tenancy agreement will be signed as per land lord tenancy act of 2006. In the agreement, services included in your rent and services not included with your rent are listed. Prices for outside services can also be found in a copy of your tenancy agreement.

9. Do I need to give 30 days’ notice upon vacating my unit?

A.; New Beginnings Rest Home falls under the Land Lord Tenancy Act and does require a 30 days’ notice when vacating a unit. However, if a resident requires more assistance then the home can provide, a LTC assessment would be requested with the residents consent. If eligible, the resident is not bound to a 30 days notice and will be able to move upon the first availability with no further charges or penalties.

10. Are there cable and phone options available in my individual room?

A. All rooms are phone and cable ready at the resident’s request. This is an optional feature and is an addition to your rent. There are 3 common areas with cable provided for all residents and a public phone for resident use provided by New Beginnings.

11. Will New Beginnings accommodate my special diet?

A. New Beginnings prepares all its food fresh daily in our kitchen. All special requests for meals will be considered and an alternative option available. New Beginnings also provides a diabetic friendly menu at no extra charge.